Lean UX: Agility Through Cross-functional Collaboration

Jeff Gothelf · Monday, May 1 · 8:30am – 5:30pm · in Pavilion East

Discover and build what your customers really want and need. Validate your product ideas and hypotheses early in the process to ensure you’re on the right track.

Bake user needs into your process from the start through product launch (and beyond). Gain team-wide consensus using proto-personas and assumption mapping.

Jeff Gothelf is the author of Lean UX, and Sense & Respond and works as an independent consultant based in New York City.

The Day’s Agenda


Make the shift to Lean UX

  • What is lean, Agile, lean startup, and lean UX, and how to introduce them into your project
  • Collaborate cross-functionally to achieve shared understanding and better decisions
  • Achieve better designs by prioritizing business and user outcomes, not features or services

Validate your hypotheses and assumptions

  • Deconstruct business problems into assumptions that drive product direction
  • Prioritize the best product ideas with affinity maps
  • Collect metrics to test your product hypotheses with the AARRR Validation Method


Creating a shared understanding of the users

  • Create proto-personas, a tool to understand users and build team-wide consensus
  • Brainstorm user outcomes and goals to determine product priorities
  • Identify the must-have features that will solve business problems and achieve user goals

Make sense of the data to build an MVP

  • Learn how a Minimal Viable Product (MVP) is key to running experiments on your design
  • Produce assumption maps to outline business outcomes, user outcomes, and features
  • Integrate product discovery with delivery in an Agile environment/cadence

You’ll Work Smarter, Not Harder

Bring the development team together in an Agile way

The old Waterfall approach to design and development is dead. The new way is a collaborative, continuous cycle of concepting, delivering, learning, and iterating.

Integrate a user-centric perspective into the process

Reframe the work discussions from outputs to objective business and user outcomes. Bring data about your customers and your business into the decision making process.

Bridge the design–development gap

Develop a shared language and increase productivity with colleagues by employing the tactics of affinity diagramming, proto-personas, and assumption maps.

You’ll see how to:

  • Increase team learning by adopting lean principles
  • Incorporate user needs into the product development process
  • Test assumptions early to ensure you’re building the “right” thing
  • Shift conversations toward hypotheses rather than requirements
  • Encourage cross-functional collaboration based on real data
  • Structure experiments to test your hypotheses and continuously iterate

Adopt Customer-Centered Practices in an Agile Way

Focus relentlessly on business outcomes

Challenge the endless backlog of features by forming assumptions and testing hypotheses.

Learn how to prioritize what to work on

By focusing on the most important business outcomes and user goals, product teams ensure they are working on the right opportunities to improve the product.

Ship more successful designs faster with a lean process

By involving the entire team in user research from the start and reframing the conversation to focus on the user and business goals, your team will deliver best-in-class designs.

Gain a more transparent, energizing design process

Spend hands-on time working with teams who want to solve the same problems.

Form assumptions and hypotheses to deliver great products

During the day, you’ll work individually and in small groups to declare assumptions, form hypotheses, create proto-personas, brainstorm opportunities, and plan lean experiments.

Jeff Gothelf

Photo of Jeff Gothelf

Here’s what Jared says about why he chose Jeff for this conference…

Jeff Gothelf once spent six months on the road with a circus. Really, if he doesn’t show you the pictures during his workshop or talk, ask him about it. You won’t be sorry.

But these days, Jeff is the ringmaster of lean UX, a methodology to reduce risk and minimize waste in product development. Jeff is the author of the excellent book, Lean UX and the brand new Sense & Respond. He runs his independent consulting and coaching practice out of NYC.

So suffice it to say, Jeff is The Guy behind lean UX, and we couldn’t be more excited to have him here to teach you what he knows.

And part of what he knows came from his experiences as the UX director at TheLadders.com. He also spent time in interaction design and UX roles for Publicis Modem, WebTrends, AOL and Neo Innovation.

So ladies and gentleman, boys and girls: come on into the big tent for this ace workshop.

On Tuesday, Jeff will give a featured talk, Scaling Lean: Project, Program, Portfolio.

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