Designing for Animation and Motion

Val Head · Monday, May 1 · 8:30am – 5:30pm · in Broadway

Get a comprehensive crash course in animation. Design and prototype animations with purpose and style.

Identify where and when animation will improve your designs. Add meaningful motion that engages and delights your users.

Val is a walking encyclopedia of animation knowledge and advice. The perfect person to spend a day learning from.

The Day’s Agenda


The brain benefits of animation for solving design problems

  • Reduce cognitive load and free up brain power for users
  • Create spatial awareness, provide feedback on actions, expose causality, and orient your users
  • Onboard your users by showing relationships, directing attention, and demonstrating interactions

The 10 classic principles of motion design and animation

  • Learn motion design best practices for creating compelling digital experiences
  • Add follow through and overlapping action to communicate emotion and energy
  • Influence your users’ impressions and engagement by applying timing and spacing principles


Storyboarding and prototyping animations using Keynote

  • Design and share your animation ideas on paper and on screen
  • Prototype common animation types with interactive, hands-on exercises
  • Explore a range of animation solutions to tackle your messiest design challenges

Build responsible and accessible animation into your designs

  • Craft animation that positively influences your design’s accessibility
  • Apply your company’s brand and voice to choose complementary animations
  • Conduct an animation audit to achieve a cohesive use of motion throughout the design

Bring your designs to life with motion

Learn the principles of interactive animation

When implemented well, animation helps your users achieve their goals without distracting them. You will see how to design animations that are interruptible, non-blocking, and appropriately timed for positive interactions.

Use animation to solve a range of design problems

Get an in-depth look at the specific design problems animations solve by providing feedback, exploring causality, and demonstrating relationships.

Communicate your animation ideas and achieve organizational buy-in

Talk about motion meaningfully to convince your executives, teammates, or clients that animation will benefit the product.

You’ll see how to:

  • Use classic animation principles to achieve a powerful user experience
  • Create storyboards and prototypes to document your animation ideas
  • Integrate animation techniques into your design process
  • Choose the best animation solutions for your design
  • Run an animation audit to evaluate cohesiveness and performance
  • Communicate the benefits of animation to teammates

Use the power of animation to achieve delight

Evaluate and iterate on animation solutions

With hands-on prototyping practice, you will come away with the skills to discuss and test your animation approaches with users. Using tools like Keynote, you can explore a wide range of ideas.

Engage your users by making the best animation decisions

Gain a solid understanding of the core principles of animation, including timing, spacing, overlapping action, and staging.

Take advantage of motion to produce modern, engaging interfaces

Great animation seamlessly blends into your design to enhance the user experience. You will see how to use animation techniques to communicate feedback, orient users, direct attention, and show causality that will greatly enhance the user experience.

Bolster your product’s brand

When your team integrates animation effectively, it will substantially increase the level of professionalism and polish users associate with your product.

Achieve a Motion Makeover

Get animated! Val’s hands-on exercises will introduce you to the core concepts of animation to improve your user experience. A great way to learn both the theory and the practical approaches for integrating motion into your designs.

Val Head

Photo of Val Head

Here’s what Jared says about why he chose Val for this conference…

If you want to learn something that’s critically important, like how to get your animation just right, you want to learn it from someone just like Val. She’s been creating and developing interactive designs for more than a decade, where she’s pushed the envelope and become a leading authority on animation on the web.

For more than two years, she’s been the Editor in Chief of the UI Animation Newsletter, a leading resource on web animation and motion design. With Cennydd Bowles, she hosts the always fascinating Motion and Meaning podcast, and just this past year, she released her fantastic book, Designing Interface Animation—a must have for anyone who needs to integrate animation and motion into their designs.

Val is a walking encyclopedia of animation knowledge and advice. If you’re looking to take advantage of the power and beauty of great animation in your interfaces, you’ll want to spend the day with her in this great workshop.

On Tuesday, Val will give a featured talk, Motion In Design Systems: Animation, Style Guides, and the Design Process.

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