UX Immersion: Interactions Sponsorship Opportunities

December 11, 2017

Be a part of the conference experience for hundreds of designers as they sail beyond their limits in interaction design. Our three-day event included two days of master-grade full-day workshops and a day of featured talks and a keynote from our own, Jared Spool.

Below are a variety of sponsorship options for the UX Immersion: Interactions conference, March 5-7, 2018 in Newport Beach, CA. Not seeing what you want? We’re happy to customize a sponsorship that works best for you.

1. Printed materials and marketing branding (limited to 2 sponsors)

If your main goal is for name and logo recognition, this is a great option, as you'll be part of all printed posters (and we print a lot of them). We’ll include your logo or company on each poster and attendee email template.

2. Lanyard Sponsorship (limited to 1 sponsor)

Everyone will see your company name and logo! All you have to do is send us a designated number of lanyards. We’ll give you the specs on size and color - what you put on the lanyard is up to you.

3. Printed Flyer or Give Away Handout (limited to 2 sponsors)

Everyone will receive an item or flyer with their registration materials. All you need to do is provide the item or flyers and ship them to the hotel. We’ll do the rest.

4. Exhibit Table (limited to 3 sponsors)

Get an exhibit table in the break area. You can market the table in any fashion you like and are welcome to promote give-aways and materials. Collect contact information at your table (since we are unable to share email addresses and phone numbers.)

*Your sponsorship includes additional benefits we list below.

5. Monday Night Peer Dinners (limited to 3 sponsors)

Treat a group of people to dinner on Monday evening, March 5. We organize 1-2 tables of 8 in 5-7 restaurants for attendees to meet up and have dinner with you. Sponsor as little as one table to all 14 tables. You’ll have a company representative at each table. We promote this opportunity a week before the conference along with Sunday and Monday and attendees sign up in advance. Maximum number of attendees is 112.

This sponsorship does not include any conference passes or the added sponsorship items listed below.

6. Party Sponsorship (limited to 1 sponsor)

Be the host of our Tuesday evening conference reception. We’ll load you up with a stack of drink tickets to hand out so you can meet and greet with the attendees. You’ll be everyone’s best friend.

Additionally, you’ll have a small table during the reception that you can use for demos or for a general meeting area. We’ll promote your sponsorship through out the day on Tuesday.

7. The Big Shebang (limited to 1 sponsor)

Get the best visibility and the most involvement when you participate with an exhibit table for all three days, branding sponsorship, and the party sponsorship.

*Your sponsorship includes additional benefits we list below.

*Additional sponsorship items automatically included in noted sponsorships

On Tuesday, during the conference, we'll introduce your company. Jared is great about spinning a story on why attendees should check you out, but we’ll need you to provide any key points you want Jared to say.

List of attendees - At the conclusion of the conference, you’ll receive an attendee list for those who attended the conference. The list will include names, companies, and titles.

Company handout – We’ll include a 1-page flyer from you to handout at registration on Sunday-Tuesday. We’ll need to approve the handout prior to distribution.

Should you want to send additional employees or friends to UX Immersion: Interactions, beyond the number included in sponsorship, we’ll provide you a promotion code for $200 off the current price once you become a sponsor.

Please reach out to sponsorships@uie.com to learn more about these and other sponsorship opportunities.