Convince Your Boss

You know it’s worth coming to UX Immersion: Interactions, but does your boss? Use this information and cost summary to help you get the green light.

Five Overall Benefits:

  1. Lead the team and stakeholders to constructive cross-functional collaboration.
  2. Model outcomes to provide a clear design vision.
  3. Integrate animation and motion into dynamic fluid experiences.
  4. Drive simpler enterprise apps by conquering unnecessary complexity.
  5. Identify opportunities and inspire growth through measured success.

Proven Techniques and Best Practices for UX Designers

Go beyond inspiration and immerse yourself in groundbreaking interaction design skills you won’t find anywhere else. Get your team on the same page with proven UX methods, tools and clear-cut direction on specific actions and skills. Attend two full-day workshops and a day of talks to learn the latest strategies and techniques for building great products.

Tackle Critical UX Topics and Move Projects Forward

  • Identify where and when animation will improve your designs.
  • Discover and build what your customers really want and need.
  • Employ the best techniques for building prototypes at every stage of the design process.
  • Get your team seeing the experience through the eyes of the users.
  • Create actionable, UX-centered metrics to gain insights into your product’s progress.
  • Tackle the chaos of your enterprise applications to deliver intuitive experiences.

Summary of Costs

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Item Expense
Conference fee (through December 30)
Hotel costs $775 (for 3 nights)
Flight $300 - 600
Transportation to and from airport $15 - $25
Food $100
Total $2,965 - $3,275